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Whetzel Cemetery
Jacob and His Family

WhetzelCemetaryMarker2.jpg (39419 bytes) WhetzelCemetaryMarker.jpg (39468 bytes) Mark of the End Point of Whetzel Trace
WhetzelTraceMarker.jpg (33278 bytes)
WhetzelCemetaryOverall2.jpg (41155 bytes) WhetzelCemetaryOverall1.jpg (42108 bytes)
Jabob Whetzel's Son, Cyrus

CyrusWhetzelMarker1.jpg (50070 bytes)

Cyrus Whetzel's
 Wife, Elizabeth
ElizabethWhetzelMarker1.jpg (33741 bytes)
ElizabethWhetzelMarker1Closeup.jpg (134209 bytes)
Jabob Whetzel's
2nd Daughter, Maria
MariaWhetzelMarker1.jpg (60840 bytes)

Miscellaneous Markers
MiscMarker1.jpg (52557 bytes)
MiscMarker2.jpg (106784 bytes)
MiscMarker2a.jpg (107448 bytes)
View in Cemetary
WhetzelCemetaryStone1.jpg (98109 bytes)


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